2017 Engagement

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2013-2016 Engagement

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street arts academy

Circulate Strategic Partner 2013–2015, Emergency Exit Arts' Street Arts Academy worked with local young people to create unexpected interventions in public spaces.

Emergency Exit Arts worked with key groups of young people in each of the six Circulate locations combining performance and visual arts skills to create unexpected interventions and events in the spaces where they live, learn, work and play.

Emergency Exit Arts' Street Arts Academy worked with over 300 young people to create performances utilising ensemble based skills to contribute to the programme's major shows; Spin Cycle (Emergency Exit Arts), S.O.U.R.C.E (Cirque Bijou and Nutkhut) and Remembering the Future (Hellicar and Lewis).

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THE People's tower

Across the summer of 2015, Circulate worked with French artist Olivier Grossetete to bring The People's Tower to schools, high streets and squares around London. In the week long project, towers made solely from cardboard boxes, tape and people power were constructed in workshops and out on the street where everyone could be involved.

Each tower was either a direct response to the architecture of the location or developed through community inspirations. In Hounslow the artist created a replica of the iconic Kew Bridge standpipe. The simplicity of the execution meant that the project crossed language barriers, was ability accessible and engaged over 4000 people across its five locations.

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