Mem Morrison

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Since 1995, performance artist Mem Morrison has been creating visually stunning participative work, drawing from his own personal history, environment, and Turkish Cypriot background, to evoke the complexities of acknowledging and accepting cultural differences. The scale of his work varies from solo to group performances.

Mem is our resident artist at Millfield Arts Centre in Enfield, which he has previous links to. His latest work, Silencer, was a silent march and installation piece which first toured in summer 2017. The project enabled those who may find it challenging to speak out to have a voice via the support of the many voices that make up the complex tapestry and spirit of the Circulate venue locations.

I am thrilled to be part of Circulate, this will enable me to build a strong connection with local communities and individuals, whose collective voices will outline the true qualities of the local area. Silencer is a deliberate act to create something outwardly positive and to share our histories, aspirations and hope for a better future.

Mem Morrison

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