Artist Development

“All Londoners should be able to access our city’s world-renowned cultural offering, whichever corner of the capital they live in. I’m thrilled to see Circulate supporting the work of local artists, allowing them to take their work into communities and develop their skills. London’s cultural hotspots extend far beyond the city centre, and these residencies will open up the world of performance to diverse audiences who may never have experienced it before.”

Justine Simons, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries


Resident Artists


Ockham's Razor

Levantes dance theatre

mem morrison


Seed Commissions 2013-2016

Stefano Di Renzo

Watermans appointed Stefano Di Renzo as their Seed Commission for 2014–2015. He developed Hold On in residency at Watermans, a co-commission between Circulate and Without Walls, which investigated the relationship between a man and the system which governs his life. Hold On toured extensively across the UK and Europe and led to Stefano sharing advice with other artists at XTRAX’s 2016 Seminar, How to Sell Your Work in Europe.

Photos © Paul Grace

Hunt and Darton

Live art duo Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton began their residency at artsdepot creating Food Fight! – a fun filled exploration into food waste and nutrition. This was further developed into The Punch, The Cake, The Sandwich, a raucous game show style interaction which focussed on the nutritional aspects of our favourite foods, creating larger than life versions, ending in a group sharing of the benefits.


Khiyo is a London-based British-Bengali band that gives Bengali heritage music a modern sound. They toured Raga to Reggae on The Road in 2014, bringing an experimental approach to Bengali heritage music, presenting folk and protest songs in fresh arrangements that draw on jazz, folk, rock and classical music. They developed this for 2015 to include live illustration by artist Alban Low, culminating in a traditional Holi festival of colours.

Photos © Nasser Gazi