Levantes Dance Theatre

Levantes Dance Theatre are our resident artists based at the Albany in Deptford. Levantes was established in 2005 by Eleni Edipidi and Beth Harrison. Together, they create visually stunning, innovative work, that often sits on the boundary of definition, spanning multiple disciplines, from their background in contemporary dance theatre, to visual art and circus.

Levantes Dance Theatre has developed a strand of practice called 'Canape Community' which has brought the duo together with local people to make public participatory work in a different way. Circulate has provided the perfect platform for them to continue with this work. With every Levantes project come new people and new costumes, and during summer 2017 they worked with the Albany Young Creatives to create their Circulate commission Parlour, an immersive walkabout performance.

As a South London company, we have always known the Albany, and we've loved getting closer to the wonderful venue and the people who work there. The Albany keep people at the heart of the work they support and we can't wait to be a part of that with Circulate.

Levantes Dance Theatre

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