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Hayes Outdoor Festival Day

  • Botwell Green Hayes UB3 2HW (map)

Botwell Green, Hayes, UB3 2HW

Sunday 11 August 2019

11am & 2pm

Hayes Outdoor is an exciting outdoor arts festival which brings top-quality free outdoor performances to the heart of Hayes. Launched in 2018, and featuring everything from circus to dance to music, the shows aim to delight and inspire people whether they’re 4 or 84.

This year, we’re running a spectacular FREE festival day on Botwell Green on Sunday 11 August. Featuring three outstanding acts, it promises to engage, entertain and inspire from the very youngest to the oldest!

Southpaw Dance Company- Icarus

Icarus is the brand new outdoor work from Southpaw Dance Company. Featuring an impressively mythic set of wings, with blistering lifting and contact work alongside Southpaw’s distinctive mix of intense physicality and narrative, Icarus is a dance theatre interpretation of the classic Greek myth.

A hybrid of choreography and puppetry allows the audience to experience the tale of Icarus first hand, complete with 16 foot wings that enable Icarus to soar through the skies. 

Ofir Yudilevitch- Gravitas

Gravity is one of the most basic and powerful forces in nature. It acts upon us and upon every physical object in the same way. This force defines the language we use in everyday life: Up-down, light-heavy, high art- low art, life- death. Gravity doesn’t care if we land or crash, it will remain the same. We take a moment to play with it. We become pure mass and try to surrender to its blind will.

Gravitas is a two man duet combining contemporary dance and acrobatics performed on an air floor mat. The piece questions ideas of manhood and boyhood; the two performers play recklessly with each other and the audience, trying to regain a sense of fearlessness that is usually lost in childhood.

Avanti Display- Full Circle

Are they council workers or is it a piece of performance art? What began as a game now is starting to look a bit precarious. Where have they gone? Now what do we do?.............

Full Circle is a mischievous and experimental show from Avanti Display, that plays with the complicity between audience and performer. A slow and intriguing performance, the show builds gently through to suspense, hilarity and unforeseeable consequences. Just how many buckets do they need? Now it’s starting to look a bit precarious. That’s a lot of buckets!

In 2019 events will take place on one FREE festival day, Sunday 11 August starting at 11am and 2pm. Running time to see all three shows is approximately 90 minutes. No need to book, just turn up and enjoy!

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Ofir Yudilevitch presents Gravitas