Silencer Workshops

An opportunity to get involved in your local area

Silencer is a silent march formed by you, your friends, colleagues, family and neighbours resulting in an art installation built in the heart of your community.

Join us for a moment of quiet celebration and witness your local shopping street transformed into a sea of blank placards as individuals march anonymously in support of their own causes and personal crusades. Centred around unity, censorship and togetherness, Silencer provides a platform which will enable everyone to have a voice and tell their stories or the stories of their friends and loved ones. The final installation will reveal the many contributed campaign slogans and stories.

Part performance, part exhibition, the aim of this project is to raise awareness of the political, cultural and individual challenges faced by local people living and working in your area, giving a voice to the many unsung heroes who have helped shape it.  Silencer is a deliberate act to create something outwardly positive and to share our histories, aspirations and optimism for a better future.

We have seen a lot of people recently on marches across London, for many different reasons.  If you were going to march to tell the world about something…what would it be?

Calling all crusaders, schools, community groups & projects -We need you!

You can contact us in advance of your local march by Facebook messenger or email.

Facebook page for information:

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Email for further information: Silencer@Circulate.London

Please click on a location below for more information about workshop participation. 


If you can't attend a workshop, you can still contribute! Sumbit your personal cause online and join us on your local march.