Silencer: Enfield

Mem Morrison and his team are looking to create a piece of art representing the thoughts and feelings of the residents of Enfield. He will work with children, young people, older adults and families in a special event which brings the whole community together.

Use role-play, writing and imagination to find your inner voice then share it with the world in a unique outdoor arts experience in mid-September.


Millfield Theatre are running a workshop with Mem to help identify what your crusades might be.

Thursday 27th July - 6:30pm - Millfield House, Millfield Arts Centre, Silver Street, Edmonton N18 1PJ.

  • What would you do differently in your community or in the wider world?
  • What do you think is unfair - or what do you think is brilliant?
  • Do you feel something has been judged wrongly?
  • What positive things could be encouraged to promote happiness and unity?
  • Who are your heroes and what have they done to make life better?
  • Identify what you are passionate about.
  • Tell us about your cause and why it is so important to you?
  • Develop your own slogan that sums up your cause.

Teas and coffees will be provided.

Please email to register your interest.

Workshop participants must be available to attend the march starting at the Dugdale Centre on 16 September at 11:30am. Click here for more event information.

Click here for more information about upcoming workshop dates, in partnership with Millfield Theatre.